In 2012, JFN held its first STEM conference in New York, which brought funders from around the world to explore ways to improve STEM education in Israel. Since then, the critical need for STEM education has skyrocketed, while access for children and teens from under resourced areas has plummeted. Despite the growth in collaborative efforts and shared goals, STEM education gaps remain.
This Summit will focus on the comprehensive mapping, carried out by Sheatufim, of the critical gaps in the kindergarten to employment STEM pipeline in Israel. It will give Funders the opportunity to learn about the needs on the ground, what is currently being done to address these needs, and ways to form effective strategic partnerships to close these gaps. In this way, together we can ensure that a larger number of children and youth have the skills to become part of Israel’s thriving STEM ecosystem.


From Early Learning to Workforce - The STEM Pipline in Israel


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